me as kid smallestDirector/Editor: Catharine Parke

Catharine works as an award-winning director and writer on Canadian documentary and reality television programs. She’s worked on diverse programming including: “Ice Pilots” a docu-series set at an arctic airline; “Word Travels”, which follows the adventures of globe-trotting travel writers; “Murder She Solved”, a docu-series which highlights female detectives cracking challenging homicide cases; and “Get Stuffed”, a reality series where challengers battle it out in crazy competitions across North America.

jeff and dog smallestCinematographer: Jeff Henschel

Jeff’s day job is a location sound recordist.  He’s worked on documentaries around the world, from shadowing a crocodile biologist in Cuba, following the plight of orphaned elephants in Kenya, visiting nuclear test sites in Nevada, and following a combat platoon into Afghanistan. Along the way, he developed a passion for stills photography and has a stash of 14 cameras, and counting.  Very Good Dirt is his first film, which he shot with a Nikon D800. Click here for more of Jeff’s photography.

lynn small Story Editor: Lynn Kristmanson

Born in BC, Lynn has lived in Alberta and Ontario, and currently makes her home in sunny Newfoundland.  Lynn graduated from the Alberta College of Art as a textile artist but always had a passion for films and filmmaking.  She is now an established filmmaker with a knack for compelling and unique storytelling.  Lynn also works  in the production and art departments of television series. Her most recent gig was on CBC’s Republic of Doyle. She is currently working on an animated film.